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Privacy Policy

One of the main pillars of Salinas Resorts is to protect the information of our guests and employees. This policy applies to all of the Group’s companies.
All information of minors under the age of 18 must be requested from the respective parents or legal guardians. Pursuant to this policy, Salinas Resorts hereby undertakes to:
1. Explain the purpose and method of processing any personal information requested;
2. Use personal information solely for the purposes set out in this policy;
3. Request only the necessary personal information, adopting all appropriate measures to keep such data up to date;
4. Keep personal information only for the period of time required for its processing, in due accordance with applicable laws;
5. Maintain the confidentiality of all personal information unless if otherwise required by court order.


The Salinas Resorts Privacy Policy applies to the processing of information provided to any of our hotels, restaurants, or other points of sale.

1. Collection and Processing Personal Information.

As a client of Salinas Resorts, your personal information and/or the personal information of the following family members may be requested for the purposes set out in this policy:
1. Contact information: name, nationality, phone number, email address, etc.;
2. Date of birth;
3. Credit card information;
4. Check-in and check-out dates from our hotels/restaurants or other points of sale;
5. Children information: name, date of birth, age, e-mail;
6. Interests and preferences: e.g. room preferred location, room type preferences and requested bed type;
7. Possible client reviews during or after a stay at a Salinas Resorts hotel.

Personal information may be requested in varied occasions, including (but not limited to) the following:
1. To be used in advertising programs (subscriptions to newsletters to receive offers/promotions, registration in loyalty programs, collaboration in research and/or guest reviews, contests);
2. Hotel activities (e.g. room or table reservations, check-in and check-out, complaints or requests);
3. Provision of information on tour operators, travel agencies or online booking systems;

2. Purposes of requesting Personal Information.

Personal information is requested for the following purposes:
1. Managing guest reservation and the stay;
2. Improving the services provided in our hotels, restaurants and other points of sale, in order to better understand customers’ needs and exceed their expectations;
3. Customizing our services;
4. Sending newsletters, promotions and advertising material. Guests may unsubscribe to the newsletter service by e-mail.

3. Sharing Personal Information

Salinas Resorts may share clients’ personal information with:
1. Its employees, namely to provide requested services and/or to manage customer databases.
2. Local authorities – if required by law or within the scope of internal inspections set forth by Salinas Resorts, in accordance with legal requirements.
Salinas Resorts also reserve themselves the right to pass on any personal data in case of sale or total or partial transfer of the company or its assets.
In the event of submitting personal data to third parties, the obligations under the applicable laws shall be strictly complied with and every effort shall be made to ensure that such third parties use the submitted data in an appropriate manner, in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

4. Adding, Changing, and Deleting Personal Data

Clients/candidates may access, alter, add, update or delete their personal data by contacting Salinas Resorts through the e-mail: [email protected] Such requests shall be dealt with as soon as possible. Salinas Resorts may request a copy of a valid identification document to protect clients’ privacy and confirm their identity before making any changes.

5. Personal Data Security

Necessary technical and organizational measures have been implemented by Salinas resorts, in accordance with legal requirements, in order to protect clients’ personal information, ensuring confidentiality, in line with the rules set forth in this policy.
Whenever information on credit cards is requested, this communication is done through the Salinas Resorts’ Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) lines, provided that a browser that allows SSL, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, is used.

6. Amendments

This privacy policy may be amended occasionally, due to which regular consultation is recommended. Its latest update dates back to: August 8, 2017

7. Contact/Doubts

Should you have any doubts regarding this privacy policy, please contact Salinas Resorts by e-mail: [email protected]

8. Policy enforced by companies:

MV4 Serviços de hospitalidade LTDA


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The purpose of this clause is to clarify doubts users may have regarding the use of cookies on the Salinas Resorts website.

What are Cookies?
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What are cookies for and how does Salinas Resorts website use them?
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Are cookies all the same?
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Which cookie categories are used on the Salinas Resorts website?
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How long do cookies last on the user’s device?
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