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Natural Pools | Salinas Maragogi

For those visiting Maragogi, the natural pools are a must-see. The adventure begins aboard a catamaran or speedboat, since the pools are 6 km away from the shore. The boat journey takes about 20 minutes and, on the way, instructors explain the history of the place and the necessary precautions to take in order to best enjoy the tour.

The pools formed by coral reefs are known for their shallow, crystal clear waters and the diversity of marine animals living there. You just have to look at the water to see a lot of coral, fishes, shells and urchins.

The largest set of pools, known as Galés, is a great choice for diving. Its waters are deeper when compared to the also well-known Taocas and Barra Grande. Scuba diving in Galés is an incredibly relaxing experience. Down there, there’s only the sound of your breath and the incredible diversity of marine life.

In Barra Grande, to the north of Galés, people prefer diving with a snorkel and mask, since the waters are shallower. For children, that’s also the best choice. 

In Taocas, the pools are smaller and hold fewer people, making it an even more special experience

Here at Salinas do Maragogi, you’ll find a fully equipped water sports center to visit the natural pools, and tours departing directly from the resort with all the support and security.

You can book the tours directly at the resort, since they are subject to weather conditions and availability is limited by the number of visitors going to each natural pool.  



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